Thursday, December 11, 2008

Chicken Porridge

A simple and easy to make recipe........especially when loved one is feeling under the weather or during cold weather. Infact, I made it just yesterday (photo) for my wife.
This recipe is a good way to "stretch" a pot of rice to feed 3-4 mouths depending on how big are the mouths! 
You can add whatever you want in it and as much as you want. Meat, seafood, legumes, vegetables etc.......... anything goes! I usually add whatever I have in my freezer......mixed veg or corn kernels or this time greenpeas.

1 pot of rice
1 medium onion
2 cloves garlic
a bit of ginger
1 cube chicken stock
chopped chicken breast or any meat
frozen veg 
A few sprigs of salantro or coriander leaves (chopped)
salt & pepper to taste

Put rice and plenty of water in rice cooker (alternatively can use pot)
Dissolve chicken stock & season with salt & peppa
Turn on the rice cooker/ simmer pot on medium heat
Saute onion, garlic & ginger in separate frying pan with whatever oil (best olive oil)
Brown chicken in same pan
Dump sauteed ingredients into rice cooker/pot
Leave to simmer till rice turns into soft consistency, stirring once in a while otherwise rice will stick to the bottom
Then add frozen veg. Cook till soft.
Lastly add chopped salantro/coriander leaves.
Stir, spoon & serve in a bowl
Enjoy hot or warm porridge with garnish like salted egg, stir-fried spinach, chopped pickle carrot, fried anchovies & peanuts. 

Yummy! I had my share yesterday dinner & breakfast this morning.

Good luck. Happy trying!

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