Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mutton Gearbox Bone Steak (Modified)

The original recipe can be found at the link above. Ever since Kak Raha's raya open house when she served this special dish, I wanted to try out a modification to the original recipe. If memory serves me right (quote from The Iron Chef program), the bone steak she served was very "tomatoey" & much more spicy. Through some guesswork, I omitted a few ingredients & add more of certain ingredients. You could say it's experimentation but this is how master chefs all around the world perfected their signature dishes. It turned out as "tomatoey" as the one served at Kak Raha's. Although my wifey dearest gave her two thumbs up, I think the taste need a little bit of adjustment. Next time I will experiment some more till I get it right. Once I got it I may have to keep it as my secret recipe because this dish has commercial potential.