Monday, April 20, 2009

Lala Revisited

It has been a while since my last blog post. It has been busy at Regency Specialist last month with late nights with no sleep at all. So cooking is set aside for a while....however I miss trying out new recipes. Last weekend, my parents whom I have not met for quite some time (because of work!) came down to Johor Bahru for a visit. We had Sunday lunch at my house. My wife was the chef of the day. The menu is chicken kurma, lala with Tahi chili sauce (the
pièce de résistance) and steamed (actually microwaved!) baby pak choy with oyster sauce. The lala was a hit with my family. 

For the recipe, click this link:

The vegetable recipe is quick and easy to prepare.
Wash & trim the stump.
Arrange half in a microwave-proof container.
Add oyster sauce & vegetable oil.
Arrange the other half on top.
Sprinkle some fried onion.
Blast in microwave for a few minutes.

Voila!....and Bob's your uncle!

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