Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kacang Phool (Foul Bean)

This is the famous Kacang Phool near Larkin Firestation.
Thanks Kak Raha. Both of us had kacang phool that u bought for lunch yesterday.

Got this recipe from a  website. I have not tried this recipe yet but it's worthy of mention. This is a basic recipe......why basic? Coz u can add your own secret ingredient if u want!
One day I am gonna try it. Once I did I will add a new photo to this entry.

1 tbs ghee
½ cup veg oil
200 g minced beef (browned)
2 tbs curry powder 1 can foul bean (kacang phool)
1 can kidney bean
2 large onion (blended)
3 cloves garlic (blended)  
2 cm ginger (blended) 

1 large onion (chopped)
6 fried eggs (for 6 people)
10 green chillies (sliced)
Calamansi lime (limau kasturi) cut into 2 

1. Fry all blended ingredients & curry powder.
2. Blend half of foul & kidney beans and roughly crush the other half. 
3. Add browned minced beef with a little bit of water if needed. 
4. Season to taste.
5. Serve with fried egg, chopped garnish & toasted bread or French bread.

Foul bean translated to "kacang phool" in Malay.

I have translated this recipe in English for the benefit of all the international viewer of my blog.I noticed that my blog is viewed from all over the world..... from Sweden, USA, UK etc etc.
Thank you all for viewing. 

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Unknown said...

i think the best kacang phool I ever tasted is by Aunty Aishah. Though hers is without the beef but it taste delicious! She added crushed aniseed and cumin, then heat it in the pan for 5 mins. Get her recipe or even better get her to cook for u!